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    Pablo writes songs as a basic need for processing an understanding his troubles and triumphs in life. Through dreamy lyrics he's not afraid to portray emotional darkness in it's raw nature, for only by exposing it can healing take place.

    Born and raised in Costa Rica, resulting from a mixture of Dutch, Spanish and Indigenous ancestors; Hellmund represents no one in particular, only himself in a lonely journey through life.

    The first thing baby Papus was ever obsessed about was his plastic toy guitar. Given to him as a present by his parents before he even had a sense of self awareness

    Ever since then his eyes wen't big and shiny everytime there was one of those things in sight, whether it was an electric guitar on TV or his Grandma's rugged spanish guitar. This obsession went on until he found himself participating in a few punkrock bands as an acne ravaged teenager in Costa Rica.

    Honoring DIY philosophy he learned his way into the craft of recording, mixing, and producing music... A skill set he used to co-produce records for friend bands such as Bulletproof, Sinchema and Malas Palabras. And of course it was useful later on for his own musical projects.

    At this same time he pursued cathartic sound therapy with his former band Kerosene, musical endeavor which was abruptly interrupted by an opportunity to live in Groningen NL for 6 months.

    In the Netherlands Pablo cycled around with his guitar, playing in squats, busking in the streets and musically participating in alternative free culture projects among other young artists such as Migloko, Jan Roelof Bathoorn, the Shitfaced Mermaids, Stout & Hering and others!


    During this time, as he fell in love with the local people and their subculture, he managed to put together a small EP called Raissa en el fondo del mar composed of some old songs and some more recent ones at the time. The work was released under his lifelong nickname Papus as his stage name. But soon enough this adventure had to end!

    February 2015, back in Costa Rica and the reverse culture shock is a strong blow for Pablo.
    He keeps writing songs in the darkness, but doesn't play much more than dozen of shows in a 5 year timespan, one that he would call a dark night of the soul.

    March 2020, ready to hop back on the stage... and Covid-19 Hits the world.
    So PH devotes his quarantine time to produce a new record, and so he releases his first album "Corazón de Fuego" on June 5th 2020.


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    • (+506) 8329-2246
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